Blowing the horn...

I am no longer with the Computer Lab; you can still contact me at

Prior to Computer Lab, I worked with Philips Research in their Advanced Systems and Applications Lab at Eindhoven (their research headquarter) in The Netherlands. As a full-time member of technical staff of this Lab I worked on their futuristic project named Smart Box Management (SBM) with the goal to design and build electronic devices that can be dynamically reconfigured and remotely managed on-the-fly without requiring explicit manual intervention. Concepts and tools introduced in the SBM project are commercialized as part of the STREAMIUM devices available from Philips. I also participated in the implementation and standardization of Digital-to-Digital Copy Protection for DVD-video and shipped two successive releases of the then Philips led Millennium Watermarking System for digital video. This work spun out the two innovative software products - REPLITRACK and CINEFENCE - now commercially available from Philips.

Before Philips, I worked with India's Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd. Bangalore in their Mobile Multimedia R&D group designing and implementing multimedia solutions based on the MPEG-4 standard. This work now part of Sasken's STRAWBERRA multimedia products, and some research papers and talks at Sasken (and here's a sample PDF document I wrote way back around Sep 1999 work) is licensed and incorporated into several commercial products including NEC N902i/Panasonic P902i 3G cellphones, SHARP MPEG-4 VN-EZ1 Viewcam, etc. as well as licensed to Ericsson, Intel, and Mitsubishi Communications.

I studied in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi for Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Technology and RKNEC, Nagpur University for Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Electronics, which I finished in May 1999 and July 1997 respectively. At IIT Delhi I was a recipient of DAAD Fellowship Award from Germany (May 1998-March 1999) and was a DAAD scholar at ComNets, Technical University of Aachen, Germany. I received my entire schooling from S.F.S. - again one of oldest schools of central India.