Supervision Information (2001-2002)

General Info

For scheduling supervisions, e-mail in within your group and CC me as well. Once we have all agreed to a time, I can then book a room for our discussion. It would be nice if each of you can e-mail me separately the list of issues you find most obscure. This way, we can filter out issues that can eventually contribute to our available time. Just to start with get hold of past questions papers, that will give you a reasonable idea where and what to look for before pinning issues of investigation.


You may like to go through as many books or papers as possible.

2) You are encouraged to put forth any new ideas or comments that you find relevant and on points        you may want to differ.
3) All sorts of inductive (or mathematical) reasoning are welcome.
4) It's good to discuss with your peers, however, a blind copy (or even sort of) of someones ideas          will be into negative.
5) Please handover your answersheets anytime before or during your next supervision.

For the Michealmas Term

I am supervising some groups for Digital Communications II. If you are in need of the lecture slides, just click here. In addition to these slides, you might also need slides from Dr. Ian Pratt's lecture and past question papers. Feel free to get in touch, if you have any question and if I can help.

For those of you really interested to delve more into various issues of DigiComm-II, it would be worth reading these books/papers. I suggest you just skim through these papers, read those that you find most interesting for a jump start.(Again, you will find it interesting only if you have attended the lectures and have read the lecture handouts)

Here's the list:

1. Data Networks, Bertsekas, D. P. and Gallager, R. G., Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, USA,            Edition 2, 1992. (Check the library)
2. Measurements and Analysis of End-to-End Internet Dynamics , Vern Paxon, Phd Thesis, UCB.         (Useful to read chapter 2, 6,7,8,9 and later whichever interests you)
3. Internet Quality of Service(QoS): An Overview of Issues, Architectures and Frameworks, Rajiv         Chakravorty (could be useful for an overview)
4. More to be appended.

Assignment 1 (after 1st supervision)

Paper 1 [download(pdf)]

Paper 2 [download(pdf)]

Paper 3 [download(pdf)]


Assignment 2 (after 2nd supervision)

Paper 1 [download(pdf)]

Paper 2 [download(pdf)]

Paper 3 (optional)[download(pdf)]

Status as of Feb'02: (Number of Supervisions: 3 per group)

Group 1)     Matej Pfajfar, C. Cooper, J. Clayden (DONE)
Group 2)     S. Robinson, G. Harker (DONE)
Group 3)     N. Abedin, P. Taylor, O. Lloyd (DONE)
Group 4)     J. Graham, M. Liotta, S. Staton (DONE)

For the Lent Term

For the lent term, the groups assigned to me for supervision of Comparative Architectures course should have a look at the past question papers. I expect all of you to have a print out of the lecture slides. The rules for scheduling supervisions remain the same. Read "General Info" above. You are expected to complete your part of the assignments and deliver that in the very next supervision. Alternately, you can put your assignments into my pigeon hole(located next to the entrance). Here's again a pointer to all the past question papers.

Other good books:

1. "Computer Architecture and Parrallel Processing". Kai Hwang, Faye. E. Briggs, McGraw-Hill International Edition, ISBN 0-07-Y66354-8.
2. "Computer Architecture", Micheal J. Flynn.

Useful Links:
1. Related Notes and Tutorial (Good to have a look)
2. Notes (discussion notes)

Assignment 1 (before 1st supervision)

Paper 1 [download (pdf)]

Paper 2 [download (pdf)]

Paper 3 [download (pdf)]

Assignment 2 (before the 2nd supervision)

Paper 1 [download (pdf)]

Paper 2 [download (pdf)]

Paper 3 [download (pdf)]

Status as of Feb'02

Group 1)      O. Lloyd, J. Clayden, M. Rassam
Group 2)      Jia Meng, Yoyo Chan
Group 3)      N. Abedin, D. Pope, J Wyllie